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The Worst Bug Infestations in History

Bug swarms and bug infestations are among the most vile experiences a person can go through. Imagine millions of insects flying or crawling at you, swarming, stinging, biting, and most of all, dying and leaving putrid corpses. Even talking about them gives people the willies, and they’re incredibly common, everywhere in the world, throughout history.

History is riddled with tales of insect swarms – hordes of locusts, flies, mosquitoes, and bees making life hellish for anyone in their path. But with climate change leading to warmer winters, the natural cold snaps that kill off huge numbers of bugs are getting more and more mild. This means more bugs are surviving to be born, and these bugs swarm when unleashed on the world. Combine this with invasive species being introduced into places where they have no natural predator, and you have the perfect conditions for bad news.

Read on to learn more about the bug swarms that were terrible and awful be caught in. These insect infestations are sure to make your skin crawl!

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