The 10 Craziest Console Mods Not Used for Gaming

As this list proves, some mods are absolutely breathtaking. From an R2-D2 that simultaneously plays every major ever made with a built-in projector to XBox 360 laptops, the modding is a vast, wonderful world of skill and productivity. But then there’s the people who take prized video games that could provide any person with thousands of hours of joy, and make them into accessories, or non-gaming gadgets. This is what this list features. 

Some of these non-gaming mods are inspired, like Nintendo desk organizers. Some are dubious, like the XBox Fleshlight or the N64 controller pipe. Still others, like a PS3 George Foreman Grill, are absolutely magical. These are the craziest ideas in the history of modern console modding, though none of these game console mods actually facilitate gaming at all.


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