11 Super Common Movie Deaths That Are Scientifically Impossible

Death is pretty much the only certainty any of us have in life and the movie depictions of death are usually poignant or spectacular. However, they are also often just flat outĀ inaccurate.Ā Rather than go with realistic methods of death, many films contain unbelievable movie death scenes that viewers acceptĀ asĀ possible because they have been shown so many times. These movie death myths have become tropes that are used throughout the industry but that no one questions. LikeĀ unbelievable dialogue, it all boils down to some bad and rather misinformed writing.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any end in sight for unbelievable ways characters die in the movies. The ways characters die in movies that are fake – be itĀ scientifically or just logically – will probably only increase in bizarreness. But here, at least, you will find the truth of these death deceptions. Whether you truly believe liquid nitrogen will turn you into glass for the shattering or that a person could actually be cut straight in two with a razor-sharp string, its time to sort out the rational fears from the straight ludicrous ones.Ā Thanks to a few experts who know real science fromĀ fake science, here’s a dose of reality about those movie that may have looked cool but were just straight up #fakenews.