11 Walking Dead Fan Theories That Help Explain Negan’s Mysterious Past

Fan theories that explain how Negan got so damn evil help give viewers a glimpse intoĀ The ā€™sĀ most formidable villain (so far). Was he a cop, con artist,Ā serial killer, sports nut, or just garden-variety asshole? At this point, does it even matter? Dude’s got complete mind control over everyone.


How exactly did Negan become Negan, though? Did a mild-mannered man become a killer after his wife, Lucille, died? Did something horrible happen to her and he snapped? Or did this new world of the dead suit him just fine – allowing him to finally just be himself?Ā  Ā 

What is Neganā€™s history? And how will that history help Rick and the gang find Neganā€™s Achilles heel?Ā There’s just so many questions surrounding the mystery that is Negan. With Season 7 laid out before us, who knows if weā€™ll get a 90-minute episode that focuses on Negan’sĀ past in the real world, loving Lucille and teaching kids ping-pong? Here’s hoping it happens!Ā  Ā  Ā Ā 

Keep reading below for fan theories on Negan’sĀ past – before the apacolypse and immediately after it happened –Ā and hints at what might motivate this monster, and why.

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