13 Awesome Halloween Recipes ?

A list of the best recipes, as voted on by the Ranker Community. recipes can include sweet treats, like cupcakes, cookies or pies – or they can include healthier fare, like veggie trays. is a time to get creative and have a little fun in the kitchen, whipping up interesting (and creeptastical) recipes that everyone will enjoy. See one of your favorite recipe ideas listed? Vote for it!

Before you get all freaked out, thinking, “But I’m not a cook! I can’t create anything special,” think again. Some of the recipes I’ve listed are not hard to make. At all. So breathe. You don’t have to be a Top Chef contender to pull off a great Halloween party food spread for your friends and family. You just have to follow directions.

Whether you’re scrambling to make up Halloween treats for your kid’s preschool class or planning a more elaborate spread for a Halloween party (including Halloween punch), these are some of the tastiest, best Halloween recipes around.


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