13 Creepy Facts About the Inside of Your Body to Gross You Out

What’s up with your body? How does it feel? Do you know the kind of things happening inside your body right now? While the processes that your body is going through as your read this aren’t exactly unspeakable, they are kind of gross. The creepy things about your body are abundant, and apply to every organ, internal and external. If you’ve ever stood in front of a full length mirror and wondered what was happening under your skin, get ready to find out. But be warned, you’re going to be at least a little grossed out.  

The weird things that happen in your body range from predictably disgusting things like waste discharge, to the nightmare-inducing information that when you sleep your body is at constant war with itself to keep you alive. The human body is a vast ecosystem of complicated organs and processes that scientists are still trying to understand. Aside from all the ways our bodies have to pump and gurgle to keep us alive, there are just some simple gross facts about what we are.  

If you weren’t worried about rotting from the inside out, you will be momentarily. That, or you’ll want to touch your own brain and see if it feels as much like butter as everyone says it does.



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