13 Famous Suicide Notes That Could’ve Been Tweeted

Suicide is no joke, even if attached to the world’s funniest, shortest suicide note. In Hamlet, Shakespeare told us “brevity is the soul of wit,” but he probably wasn’t talking about Sad Keanu memes on Twitter, the social media juggernaut with a limit of 140 characters. Every day, users around the world tear their hair out in an effort to share their latest brain fart, Donald Trump GIF or Grumpy Cat video with an economy of letters, numbers and symbols. But what if you were composing your VERY LAST TWEET ON EARTH? Could you condense your famous last words into 140 meager characters? 

These famously brief suicide notes did just that. Most were written well before the dawn of social media, but in terms of word count, they could pass modern-day muster. Some are glib, some are poetic. Some are angry, some apologetic. Long-winded or concise, darkly humorous or deadly serious, every self-epitaph is a tragedy. Remember: These were very depressed , usually in the midst of their darkest despair. Hashtags and retweets were likely the last thing on their minds. 

Don’t try this at home. Don’t even joke about it. “Keep Calm and Relax.” Snap an Instagram of your cat.