13 Movie Myths That Are Making Us All Dumber

For all the pitfalls and problems with the industry, it is undoubtedly true that films provide plenty of benefits. A little bit of magic is enough to entertain millions of people and sometimes even teach them a thing or two about the way the world works. Unfortunately, there are plenty of suggested “facts”┬áthat aren’t necessarily true. After seeing these types of ┬ámyths several times in countless different films, people began┬áto accept them without ever questioning just how truthful they actually are.

Like┬áhorrible true things left out of biopics, these false facts movies perpetuate are skewing audiences’s perception of reality. Maybe filmmakers are also blissfully unaware or┬ámaybe they are purposefully ignoring┬áscientific fact that could potentially┬áruin a┬ámovie’s plot.┬áIn either case, some of the myths from movies┬ápeople believe are certainly not helping us to become smarter as a species, so hopefully, this article can help enlighten you just a little bit.