14 Disturbing Facts About Circus Animals

If you love animals, it might be time to look at some hard truths behind the spotlight of the circus – as hard as that may be. The treatment of circus animals has been investigated by world animal rights organizations for the past several decades and the stories of abuse and cruelty are abundant. Many popular organizations have been regularly cited for cruelty, poor conditions, and other offenses. Experts will tell you that wild animals fear fire, don’t stand on their hind legs, and certainly don’t ride bikes. They state that it takes a lot of abuse, fear, and confinement to create that unnatural behavior.    Not all circuses resort to cruel practices, but by and large, there are few that consider circus animal rights. The evidence of abuse can be seen in incidents where circus animals went on rampages after years of abuse, attacked the public, and tried to injure themselves to escape a life of misery. Animal rights organizations have undercover video and first-hand accounts of circus animal controversies where animals were kicked, punched, restrained, and emotionally abused in order to illicit a performance, or sometimes for no reason whatsoever. 

The Humane Society’s message about the use of circus animals is clear. “With so many better choices in entertainment, there’s no need to use wild animals. If you see a captive animal being treated cruelly, speak up. You can also support stronger laws to protect wild animals. And use your pocketbook to advocate for alternatives such as animatronics in films and animal-free circuses.”

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