15 American Institutions Infiltrated By the Illuminati

The are said to have infiltrated every aspect of American civilian life, from the White House to your local police department. Defense, intelligence, research, and civil agencies are all under the sway of the All Seeing Eye, using their power to advance the aims of the Dark Cabal in control of the U.S. government. In the United States, influence is stronger than ever. Do you wonder if there’s Illuminati in the White house, the Pentagon, or other United States institutions? Have you asked if the president is Illuminati? You’re not alone.

Here are 16 American institutions that have (allegedly) been infiltrated by the . Some operate in the shadows, others are on your nightly news every night. All are to be viewed with extreme suspicion, for they have important roles to play when the great population purge ushers in the New World Order. It’s time to find out the true power of the in .

President of the United States

It’s thought by Illuminati experts that every president of the United States, from Washington to Obama, has somehow been linked to the Illuminati. They represent a major link in the chain of control that the Cabal has around our necks, and to ensure the right person is put in charge, all presidential elections are rigged. Any president who steps out of line is removed from office, either through a sham election or mysterious death.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

The FBI is thought to be the domestic enforcement arm of the Illuminati. When not brutally ensuring the policies of the cabal are followed, they’re involved in Satanism, rituals, sacrifices, and murder. Almost every head of the FBI has been linked to the Illuminati, and it’s believed they played a major role in carrying out the 9/11 false flag.

Central Intelligence Agency

Few American institutions are as linked to the Illuminati as the CIA. It’s thought that their aim is nothing less than perpetuating the Illuminati’s goal of global enslavement and New World Order. This is done through the sham War on Drugs, assassinating foreign leaders who don’t “get in line,” and advanced mind control. Of course, they’re also involved in Satanic rituals and blood sacrifices.

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There is thought to be a complex web of imagery at work in NASA’s doings. Allegedly, if you look at the time and date of many landings and the relative position of certain stars and planets, you can find hidden signs of worship toward Masonic, Egyptian, and Occult figures.

Many other space-related posit that NASA is covering up their discovery of alien life on Mars and/or the moon at the behest of their Illuminati masters, allowing time for the cabal to reverse engineer the secrets of powerful weapons and plagues.

United Nations

The UN is seen by Illuminati believers as the global arm of the cabal. Through UN resolutions, plans, and conferences, the cabal develops new methods of repression, economic chicanery, and making money off sham wars. They hammer out their designs for population culling and mass enslavement under the guise ofworld leaders meeting to create a better place for everyone. As such, the Secretary General of the U.S. wields enormous power.

Internal Revenue Service

One common aspect of Illuminati involves the cabal using the IRS as the money collecting arm of their activities. Many don’t believe the IRS has constitutional legitimacy, because the 16th Amendment to the Constitution, which provided for the collection of taxes, was never actually ratified. This would mean all income tax collection is illegal and that the only reason the IRS has power is because of the Illuminati. These theories do not have historical legitimacy.

United States Congress

Many senators and representatives have also been linked to the Illuminati. They write and pass the laws that the cabal-linked president signs, giving the sheeple the illusion of a functioning government. According to the popular conspiracy website, Rense, “these criminal acts are still going because all 100 Senators and 435 Congressmen work together for the Illuminati and all of them are in on it.”

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Federal Reserve Bank

The “Fed” is thought to be under heavy Illuminati control, tasked with setting a monetary policy that benefits the aims of the cabal. Conspiratorial links to “European bankers” are as old as the Illuminati itself, and it’s believed that the Fed is simply the American arm of these ancient banking families. The Illuminati are thought to have orchestrated every financial panic, recession, and depression, including the most recent housing crisis in order to grow their profits.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The CDC is thought to play a key role in the creation and implementation of the viral plagues that the Illuminati will use to cull the population. They are believed to be developing new forms of airborne illnesses like Ebola and then lying to the public about the outbreaks of those illnesses. They are also thought to be suppressing natural cures for cancer so that their Illuminati masters can continue to profit off expensive cancer drugs.

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Any discussion of Illuminati conspiracies has to bring up the subject of FEMA Camps, the vast open-air prisons where FEMA is alleged to be preparing to house millions of Americans once the New World Order purge begins.

There are also numerous allegations of FEMA having bought untold numbers of plastic coffins to bury the victims of the Illuminati. No compelling evidence of these camps exists, though FEMA is mandated to buy coffin liners to use in case of a devastating flood – which the Illuminati can make happen.

Federal Aviation Administration

The Federal Airline Administration is said to be preparing the way for legislation that will allow the domestic use of drones. These will be implemented by the Illuminati to hunt down dissenters and spy on ordinary Americans. It’s also alleged that the FAA destroyed key evidence to support the 9/11 false flag operation.

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Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

DARPA is a shadowy arm of the Department of Defense devoted to creating and implementing advanced and espionage research. Among DARPA’s most prominent projects is HAARP, a massive radar array in Alaska allegedly used by the Illuminati to control weather, create natural disasters, and cause earthquakes. It’s also been involved in creating advanced nuclear weapons, particle weapons, and the Internet.

Federal Communications Commission

The FCC will play a vital role in the Illuminati’s dissemination of propaganda and disinformation. Through their control of the airwaves, they mandate who has access to television and radio stations and are beginning to extend their control into the Internet. It’s also alleged that the FCC is implanting microchips in all computers, cell phones, and tablets – to track and eventually herd us into FEMA camps.

U.S. Department of Transportation

The Department of Transportation will have a major role in the Illuminati purge of American citizens. Specifically, the railroads and highways they control will be used for the transportation of heavy equipment into cities, while transporting patriotic, dissenting citizens out toward the FEMA camps built in wilderness areas.

Denver International Airport

Long thought by Illuminati watchers to be a central hub of the New World Order purge, DIA has a number ofanomalies  in its layout and construction. The runways are said to be laid out like a swastika, there are rumors of massive underground facilities built to house prisoners, there are strange symbols representing war and genocide in the airport’s art, and it’s alleged that the airport has vast fields fenced in by barbed wire and guard towers.

Local Police

Police departments all over the country have had the opportunity to purchase heavily discounted military surplus equipment, including mine-resistant trucks, helicopters, and grenade launchers. Is this gear being distributed by the Illuminati to allow local police to participate in the great population purge to come? More research is required.