15 Deceptive Photo Tricks That Make Models Look Flawless

How do always look so flawless? One word: Photoshop. By now, we all know that what we see on magazine pages is not real, but you may still be shocked by the unbelievable photo tricks that make celebrities look flawless. 

Photoshop tricks have been used by retouchers for years to make models look thinner or more curvaceous. But it’s not all retouching – there are some other tricks employed by the fashion industry to make models look better. We can thank Kim K for revealing her contouring secrets, but stylists have used bronzer, hair extensions, fake eyelashes, padded bras, and the art of perfectly tailored clothes for years. 

So before you start shaming into yourself for not looking like all those models, remember that even those models don’t look like those models.