15 People Who Have Been Banned from SNL

As these bannedĀ SNLĀ hosts and guests proved the hard way, on live television, anything can happen. These fine actors, comedians, public figures, and musicians each did something so profane, outrageous, or just plain rude that they were banned from the sketch comedy institution ofĀ Saturday Night LiveĀ for life. Which hosts and musical guests have been banned fromĀ SNL?

It might be a surprise that in over 40 years of the show being on the air, only a little over a dozen of the hundreds of performers and guests have been banned. FromĀ SinĆ©ad O’Connor’sinfamous incident with the photo of the Pope,Ā to actors like Steven Seagal acting like jerks, these stars and public figures are all part of an elite group banned fromĀ Saturday Night Live.

It’s not necessarily a group they wanted to be a part of, but their outrageous behavior, either on stage or behind the scenes (or both), got all these people on theĀ Saturday Night LiveĀ banned list. Read through the list below to find out if your favoriteĀ SNLĀ host or musical guest has been banned from ever appearing on the show again.