15 Things You Didn’t Know About Fireball Whisky

Tastes like heaven, burns like hell. Fireball Whisky’s motto is a perfect fit. It even burns on the way back up if you try to break the world record of Fireball shots (4,750 amongst a group, BTW) or just have a lot on an empty stomach. The fiery cinnamon whisky has blasted its way from the ice-fishing holes of Canada to red-blooded Americans faster than you can slur the lyrics of the Canadian national anthem or Blake Shelton’s “Buzzin.” This list is full of Fireball facts.

How is Fireball made, you ask? Do they collect the tears of a cinnamon dragon and distill them into a delicious whisky? Probably. We’re not scientists. But we do know the answer to “Where is Fireball made?” It originated in Canada but is now owned by an American company. So it’s sweet like Canada and burny like America. It’s aged in bourbon barrels and freezes at -12 degrees Fahrenheit, which is why the guys on Deadliest Catch and other people who work and play in super cold climates love it.

Oh, and why does Fireball spell whisky without the “E”? Because Canadians spell it that way, doncha know? By the way, the Scots spell it “whisky” and the Irish spell it “whiskey” due to translations from the respective Scottish and Irish Gaelic. If you think you know all about Fireball Whisky or want to learn more about the delicious cinnamon adult beverage, this list is definitely for you. Cheers!

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