15 Utterly Odd Facts You Never Knew About Brendan Fraser

So, what happened to Brendan Fraser? In the early 1990s, the affably hunky starred in both quirky comedies like Encino Man and heavy dramas like School Ties. By the late ’90s, Fraser turned to the blockbuster with the action-packed adventure The Mummy. It appeared as if Brendan Fraser was set for superstardom, but then a funny thing happened. His projects began flopping.

In the mid-2000s, after disappointing box office returns and critical pans for Journey to the End of the Night and The Last Time, Fraser seemed destined to join the long list of leading men who vanished from the spotlight. But in 2017, his head-turning portrayal of a menacing prison guard in Showtime’s drama The Affair had audiences remembering one of Hollywood’s erstwhile leading men.

Fraser has largely remained out of the spotlight for a majority of his career. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few crazy Brendan Fraser stories out there. Learn about his acting debut on one of America’s first reality TV programs, which acclaimed British actor wishes he could be as talented as him, and more fun Brendan Fraser facts in this list.