16 Amazing Vintage Yearbook Quotes That Prove Wit Is Timeless

If you’re into Internet time travel, then you’ve come to the right photo gallery. These amazing vintage quotes prove that quotes were fashionable way before the Internet made them cool. Just because they’re old quotes doesn’t mean they’re just as clever as today’s modern quotes. take a look at these funny vintage quotes, and make sure you disable your Internet time machine once you’re finished. Trust us, you don’t want to end up trapped in the Internet from the early ’90s.

Most Likely to Be Bothered

She Wants the ‘D’

Deck the Halls

Making a Yearbook Murderer

It’s Important to Have Realistic Goals

Have a Nice Day… Sometimes

The Perfect Man

Thinking of You

Head of the Class

Wine Not

In a Word

Never Been Kissed

License to Quill

Forever Single

He Comes Bearing Gifts

American Crime Story