16 Family Guy Fan Theories So Crazy They Might Be True

Family Guy¬†has grown more and more bonkers over the years, introducing a multiverse and time travel. With an interesting¬†cast of characters, great political satire, and¬†hilarious Peter Griffin quotes,¬†what’s not to love? With¬†2017 marking its¬†16th season,¬†there is a whole lot of canon to the Family Guy Universe (FGU). And what do you get when you have a whole lot of canon in a universe? .¬†

Yes,¬†Family Guy¬†fan theories range from the truly preposterous to epiphanic. But who¬†is¬†Susie Swanson? Who is she really? One thing’s for sure:¬†Family Guy¬†poses a lot more questions than it does answers, and that can’t just be apathy towards its own continuity, right? Well, fans refused to believe it, so take a gander at some of these fan theories about¬†Family Guy¬†and vote up the most credible ones.¬†Be warned: this list contains¬†spoilers.¬†