16 Hilariously Bad Celebrity Courtroom Sketches That Somehow Got Made

If you ever needed another reason to not find yourself on the wrong side of the law, these funny┬ácourtroom sketches will remind you there are many things you┬áreally┬ádon’t want on your permanent record. Based on the┬áfunny police sketches┬ácreated over the years, one surmises that law enforcement encounters many problems with their bad courtroom sketches. Court sketches should cleanly and accurately portray the goings-on of a courtroom, yet some drawings raise many more questions than answers. Would Naomi Campbell approve of this depiction of her? Why are some peoplesÔÇÖ necks over a foot long? And why is Barry Bonds missing one?

At best, these courtroom sketch fails induce laughter; at worst, they exude the unnerving qualities┬áof┬ácreepy kid drawings. But while most of these celebrities look like bootleg versions of themselves, most of them also kind of deserve it; after all, they’re in court to be taken to justice.┬á

Amy Winehouse’s Courtroom Dance

Winehouse went to trial over assaulting a reporter in 2009

Guy Fieri In The Hot Seat During A Not-So-Hot-Take

Fieri appeared in court as a witness after someone stole his Lamborghini

Tom Brady Doing His Best Two-Face

Brady went to trial over the Deflate-gate scandal in 2015

Diddy Looks Like He Just Took A Soccer Ball To The Face

Diddy was on trial over his connections to a shooting at a Manhattan nightclub in 1999.

Paris Hilton Sporting Helmet Hair

Hilton was on trial for drug possession

Taylor Swift Looks Like A Much Older Woman

Swift was testifying against former radio host David Mueller, who groped the singer, at a 2017 trial.

Uma Thurman’s Gigantic Courtroom Neck And Forehead

Thurman was testifying against her stalker in 2008.

Rocker Gary Glitter Minus The Glamour

Glitter was accused of indecently assaulting a child; at that time he was acquitted

Naomi Campbell: Mmm, Mmm, Mmmaybe Not

Campbell sued The Mirror for invasion of privacy

Bill Cosby Becomes Black Lex Luthor

Cosby at a sexual assault hearing in 2015

Barry Bonds Has A Barry Short Neck

From BondsÔÇÖ perjury trial in 2011

Derpy Diddy

Diddy was on trial over his connections to a shooting at a Manhattan nightclub in 1999

Rebekah Brooks’s Cheekbone Game Is At Corpse Levels

Brooks was on trial for phone-hacking

Steven Spielberg Plays His Imaginary Flute

Spielberg testified during a case concerning his stalker in 1998

Martian Martha Stewart

Stewart was on trial for insider trading in 2004

Nigella Lawson Has Looked Better

Lawson during her divorce trial