16 Insane Quotes From Children That Actually Got Printed In Newspapers


Time to take a break from all of the fake Internet news out there and get a refreshingly honest take on the world from kids. Every now and then, local newspapers take the time to ask kids their perspective; when they do, they sometimes get brutally honest answers from children who are wise beyond their years.

This collection of quotes from kids being unintentionally hilarious in local newspapers include some statements to make you realize how different the world would be if it were run by kids. And by that, we mean that it would probably be a huge improvement.

            Keep On Trucking
           Last Action Hero
          Hell Hath No Fury
           Presents Over Poop
          Happy Thanksgiving?
            It’s All About Perspective
           Wrap It Up
            Dream Big
             If I Ruled The World
           Yung Animorph
           Walking The Line
           By The Numbers
              Rock Solid Plan
             Young Magneto
           Russian To Conclusions