16 Photos Clearly Taken in a Parallel Universe

If you’re tired of living in this universe, you’ve come to the right photo gallery. It’s time to take a break from reality and look at the world from an entirely new perspective. Whether you’re a scientist, a religious person, or a conspiracy theorist, you can’t deny that these photos were clearly taken in a parallel universe. 

Not only are these incredibly , but they’ll also make you want to book a seat on the next available transport to this alternate universe. I mean, there has to be any app for that, right?

Oh Deer

Parallel Universe or Portland?

Shopping in the Parallel Universe

Cat Got Your Tongue?

One Ring to Rule Them All

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Character

Human Safari

What About Bob?

I’m Going to Puma Pants

Down in the Dumps

The Abbey Road Less Traveled

Being a Human Owner Is Ruff

Reversal of Condiment Fortune

Saddle Up, Pardner!

The Man in the Mirror

Ungrumpy Cat