17 Animals With Eerily Human Physical Characteristics

Hate to break it to you, humans, but you’ve got some animal imposters on the loose. Whether it’s a balding chimp posing as or a happy puppy looking like a stoned teenager,  impersonating humans are taking over the .
Yes, it may be  to see a fish that spent too much time with a tutorial, or a monkey with a hipster mustache, but many of these  that look like humans actually use these traits to survive. Kangaroos with beefy muscles – rivaling the cast of The Jersey Shore – use their brawn to fight for the perfect mate. Fish that have human teeth nicer than a grandpa’s dentures need them to eat a balanced omnivore diet. And the sphynx that has saggy, chubby boobs? Well, that’s just bred to be utterly adorable.
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This Cat Has A Model’s Cheekbones, But Could Probably Use A Nose Job
This Pentomid Bug’s Wings Are Disguised As A Smiling Human Face
This Monkey Is Probably Your Grandpa
The Red-Lipped Batfish Clearly Took A Page Out Of Kylie Jenner’s Style Book
This Sphynx And His Chubby Human Tummy Definitely Won’t Skip Out On Dessert
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