17 Pictures That Will Make You Say “Oh, That’s How They Do That!”

If you’ve spent any time lurking on Reddit’s mildlyinteresting, interestingasf*ck, or damnthatsinteresting subreddits, you’ve seen them: those that make you slap your forehead and go, “So that’s how they do that!” They’re that give you a behind the scenes peek at how common things function, are assembled, or are maintained.

Below are just some of the most pictures of this kind, from Reddit and beyond. Vote up the ones that blew your mind at least a little.

A Bricklaying Machine

How a Log Is Divided Up

Moving a House in 1908

The Inside of a Bowling Ball

Changing Lightbulbs in an IMAX Theater

Noodles in Taiwan

Harvesting Carrots

Episode V’s Opening Crawl

Maintenance on a Scary Bridge

Strips of Bark with Corks Punched Out

Cleaning Lincoln’s Ears

Inside of a Cheap iPad Case

Forming Springs

Making an Ice Rink

De-Icing an Airplane

Inserting a Doll’s Eye

Scoreboard Maintenance

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