17 Rite Aid Photos That Will Make You Run to CVS

Back in the ’80s and ’90s, Rite Aid was the king of national pharmacy chains. Then CVS and Walgreens came along and America realized that their local pharmacy didn’t have to be quite so abysmal. These days, the only way Rite Aid stores still compete with CVS and Walgreens is in their ongoing battle for America’s longest receipts.

Below are some  showing how Rite Aid has totally let itself go over the years. These are photos of Rite Aid fails and downright bizarre signs that will make you run to the nearest CVS. 

Come Again?

Meanwhile, at Rite Aid

On Second Thought, Let’s Go to CVS

K Why?

Family Matters at Rite Aid

Open and Shut Case

Wild at Tart

Just Poo It

Go Home, Rite Aid. You’re Drunk.

Typical Rite Aid Receipt

Sh*t Storm Preparation

Rite Aid Exorcism

Ethics… by Rite Aid

Rite Aid Getting All “Crafty”

Ballsy Move

Wrong Aid

Rite Aid Has the Best Toys