17 Surprising Facts You Never Knew About the Lottery

What is the ? Times are tough, money is tight, and we’ve all thought about how amazing it might be to win the . Few things are more American than the hope of winning millions of dollars for doing zero work, right? Lottery winners are living the American dream!  However, the lottery has become an increasingly polarizing concept over the years. To a select minority, winning the lottery has proven to be a stroke of good fortune; for others it has led to financial ruin. For some winners, the money is put to good use and helps them get a step up in life. However, while these stories do exist, there are just as many other lottery winner stories that will make you want to never buy a ticket in the first place.     

So like all things, the lottery has its  good elements as well as its bad, but its up to us to make the distinction. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of lottery fun facts, statistics, and anecdotes associated with playing the lottery – be sure to upvote the lottery facts that surprised you the most!


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