18 Eye-Opening Photos of Children Throughout History

Before the ’80s and the emergence of childhood as modern culture recognizes it, kids experienced lives and situations that would warrant more than just an extra juice box and extended nap time. For all the love and adoration they receive, youngsters also must fend off the bullsh*t they’re born into through no fault of their own. At the turn of the century children were expected to provide for their family, all while fighting off diseases like polio and typhoid. Childhood is all fun and play until someone needs the iron lung.

1939: Jewish Refugees

1948: Children Put Up For Sale

1940: Babies In Gas Masks

1950: Children In The Iron Lung

1948: Kid Watches TV For The First Time

1974: Harold Wittles Hears For The First Time

1910: The Best Prosthetic Legs Of The Time

1956: An Early Usage Of Animals In Therapy

1915: A Girl With A Gun

1923: Kids Playing With Worthless Cash

1909: Making Cigars

1955: Young Royalty And Their Vices

1914: Preteen “Pin Boys”

1963: JFK Jr. At The Controls

1943: Getting A Typhoid Vaccination

Ancient Mayans Would Cross-Eye Their Children

1959: Kids Dressed As Fidel Castro

Early 20th Century: 3 Year Old Kids Worked In Factories

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