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18 Facts About Female Orgasms Every Woman (And Man) Should Know

The same study found that 25% of women fake an orgasm 90% of the time.

But there are ways to tell she’s faking. When a women is really having an orgasm, there will be rhythmic contractions in her lower abdomen, spastic hip movements, a racing heart, dilates pupils, arched feet, and hard nipples. If you’re paying attention, you can probably tell if she’s faking it.

Lesbians Orgasm More Frequently Than Straight Women Do

And now to confirm something that ladies who love ladies have probably suspected for a long time: lesbians orgasm more frequently during sex. A 2014 study found that 61.6% of heterosexual females achieved orgasm during sexual activity with a familiar partner, but 74.7% of lesbian women achieve orgasm. That is a pretty massive gap, but to be fair, women really know their way around that area.

The First Vibrators Were Created by Doctors to Treat “Female Hysteria”

There is a long and weird history of men diagnosing sexually frustrated women with a “female hysteria” that needed to be medically treated. The prescribed treatment was a “pelvic massage” to induce “hysterical paroxysm” – so basically a rubdown of lady parts and then an orgasm, which would supposedly restore the woman to full health.

Bringing women to orgasm was of a doctor’s job description back in the 19th century (can you imagine?) and one of the first vibrators was invented to help out the cause. BTW, it was steam-powered, which is kind of weird.

About 80% of Women Have Faked an Orgasm

The same study found that 25% of women fake an orgasm 90% of the time.

But there are ways to tell she’s faking. When a women is really having an orgasm, there will be rhythmic contractions in her lower abdomen, spastic hip movements, a racing heart, dilates pupils, arched feet, and hard nipples. If you’re paying attention, you can probably tell if she’s faking it.

You Don’t Need Direct Vaginal Stimulation

While vaginal penetration is seen as the most “traditional” method of achieving female orgasm, it’s not necessary. It’s not even the most effective. Only one third of women can achieve orgasm during intercourse with vaginal stimulation alone.

Many women can reach orgasm with fondling. Some can orgasm just from kissing. Some have even reported orgasming just by thinking about orgasming.

You Can Have an Orgasm While Working Out

Some women have a pretty good incentive for keeping in shape. The exercise-induced orgasm, the “coregasm,” exists. Of the woman who report having experienced this phenomenon, 40% say that it has happened over ten times, and 20% said that they could not control their experience.

Women Can Orgasm Prematurely, Too

A 2011 study of Portuguese women found that 40 percent of them had experienced climaxing before they wanted to during intercourse. While it was only chronic for 3 percent of them, it’s definitely as real and as frustrating as it is for men.

The Clit is Basically the Head of a Penis

The clitoris is a small piece of clitoral tissue above the vagina that contains thousands of nerve endings and is the center of female sexual pleasure. Boys, does this sound familiar? It should, because the clit is made of the same stuff as the head of the penis, and they are structurally and functionally identical. In fact, the two parts look exactly the same in the womb before sexual differentiation occurs.

If you’re looking for tips on how to please your gal, don’t forget to pay special attention to this part of her body!

Orgasms Can Make Your Aches and Pains Go Away

A recent study found that 48% of regular headache sufferers had their pain cured by an orgasm. Getting off actually worked much faster than painkillers! (There goes the “Not tonight, I have a headache excuse.”)

There’s more: many women find that the pelvic contractions of an orgasm help relieve menstrual cramps. They also release a hormone that ups your pain threshold, and can help block chronic back and leg pain. It has long been suspected that morning sex can cure hangovers and if an orgasm can alleviate pain, this may actually prove this to be true.

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Orgasms Can Make You Feel Seriously Invincible

Studies have shown that at the moment of orgasm, the part of our brain that processes self-reflection and fear dramatically decreases in activity. You can think of this as nature’s way of forcing us to live in the moment.

Furthermore, the brain of women (and men) during orgasm looks very similar to that of someone who has just taken heroin.

Women (and Men) Can Die While Having an Orgasm

This isn’t super common, so don’t let it deter you from enjoying yourself. You may know that the French refer to an orgasm as la petite mort, the little death – and they may be on to something. Deaths during consenual sex account for approximately .6% of all sudden deaths. Usually the tragedy is caused by heart failure during the act.

When You Orgasm, You Produce Bonding Hormones

During sexual arousal, the hormone oxytocin (which is responsible for the feelings of love and affection) increases rapidly, with a big burst at orgasm.

For women, the strength of orgasm is directly correlated with the amount of oxytocin in her body – ie, if her body is producing a lot of oxytocin, her orgasms will be way more intense.

Being a Squirter Is a Real Thing

There are a lot of things about female ejaculation that are a mystery. But when women say that they are squirters, they aren’t talking about urine. At least, the real deal isn’t pee. Some women’s urethral sponge is filled with a fluid similar to men’s ejaculate (without the semen), and when stimulated that fluid can be released.

Female Orgasms Usually Last 15 to 20 Seconds

Everybody is different, and that holds true even for climaxing. Women can have brief orgasms or orgasms that last as long as two minutes, but the average female orgasm is 15 to 20 seconds long.

You Can Orgasm During Childbirth

Childbirth is already a miracle, but some women are able to get a little extra miracle along with it. It is absolutely possible to orgasm during childbirth. A French survey of midwives found that 0.3% reported births during which the woman achieved orgasm.

An Orgasm Is an Orgasm Is an Orgasm

Many have thought in the past (and maybe even still) that there are two types of orgasms: clitoral and vaginal and that a vaginal orgasm is the “real” orgasm. But this is simply not true. In 1966, sex researchers Masters and Johnson discovered that there is only one female orgasm, but there are multiple ways to reach it.

Whether your orgasm is based on vaginal or clitoral stimulation– or, hey, any kind of stimulation– the orgasm is the exact same phenomenon.

Not Every Female Can Tell They’ve Had an Orgasm

We have an idea that orgasms are earth-shattering moments of culminated passion, the total pinnacle of physical pleasure. However, for a lot of women this isn’t quite the case. In fact, many women are unaware of what they are feeling is, in fact, an orgasm. They may not feel their pelvic wall muscles contract or extreme pleasure, but they do reach a feeling of satisfaction and completeness.

You Can Train Yourself For Better Orgasms

There’s a new muscle that every woman should be working out: the vagina. Kegel exercises, engagement of the pelvic floor muscles, can aid in sexual arousal, natural lubrication, and achieving orgasm. Put simply, it involves squeezing your pelvic muscles (the same ones you use when you really need to pee) for short periods of time daily in order to strengthen them.

Orgasms Get Better with Age

Older ladies are getting off more in the bedroom! A recent study showed that 61% of women ages 18 to 24 experienced an orgasm the last time they had sex. Compare that to 70% of women in their 40s and 50s who say they did.

As women age, they become more confident and experienced in the bedroom which means (duh) better sex.

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