18 Hilarious Moth Memes That Everyone’s Talking About Lately

Whoever’s in charge of the laws of attraction needs to address the one-sided, destructive relationship between moths and light sources. While said lawmaker continues to drag their feet, the internet took it upon themselves, creating funny moth-lamp memes guaranteed to satisfy anyone scrolling through their phone.

The moth-lamp meme sprung forth from Reddit after a user posted a picture of a moth up against their window, it’s eyes ablaze with it’s one true love: the user’s lamp. Since then, hilarious moth memes have taken the internet by storm, or perhaps more appropriately, by swarm, emerging as a late contender for one of the best memes of 2018.

Combining a moth’s attraction to lamps with Brick’s infamous “I love lamp” line from Anchorman, memes about moths exemplify the internet’s ability to turn practically anything into a joke. Luckily, this one’s actually funny.

Desperate And It Shows

The Lighthouse Brings Death

This Windshield Won

A Whole New World

Increase For A Surprise!

The Harsh Truth

A Dense Of Humor

The Moth Of Erised

Can’t Fight Love

(Moth)Men Are Pigs

Just A Part Of Growing Up

Gotta Have My Watts

How To Make A Sale

Laser Lines

Brotherly Advice


Going In Deep