18 Photo Poses All Girls Have Done at Least Once

Something magical happens to girls when a camera is put in front of them. That flashing red light seems to trigger a part of their brains that makes them contort their bodies into all kinds of poses that you’d never ever do in real life. Here is a list of 18 poses that girls do and it’s up to you to vote on which one is the most common. Which of these poses do you think every single basic b*tch on Earth does whenever she gets the opportunity. Which is always. Girls posing for photos is as common a sight as the sky. The sky is always there. So are girls taking selfies in ridiculous positions.      

  1. Girl, Do You Even Lift?

  2. Cheeky Bastards

  3. Cheese and Quackers

  4. Back in Business

  5. Splitting Hairs

  6. Get Her to the Greek

  7. Up to No Good

  8. Up in Arms

  9. Kiss of Death

  10. Not So Tongue-In-Cheek

  11. A Little Derp Goes a Long Way

  12. Good Luck, Chuck

  13. Jumping to Conclusions

  14. The Great Divide

  15. Gangster’s Paradise

  16. Pyramid Scheme

  17. Lean on Me

  18. Spreading Yourselves Too Thin