18 Photos of People Who Have Mastered the Art of Multitasking

It’s all about multitasking these days. If you’re not simultaneously watching a movie on Netflix and cruising the web on your laptop while you’re playing a game on your phone, you’re not really being productive. If you’re looking for more inventive ways to streamline your life, you’ve come to the right photo gallery. These funny multitasking photos are as informative as they are entertaining. Seriously, what are you waiting for? If you check out all 18 multitasking pictures, it will save you at least 18 minutes by the end of the day. Come on people, time is money. 

You Can't Take the Crazy Out of the Cat Lady

Walking the Walk

Captain Multitasking

Dad Level 1000: Achieved

One Room to Rule Them All

I Don’t Mean to Blow My Own Horn

Kids These Days

Streamlining the Digestive Process

It’s All About Being Flexible

Mom! More Hot Pockets!

In Full Swing

Shaking Things Up

Washing Your Dishes While You Wash Your Baby

Mom of the Year

Never Let Your Friends Hold You Up


Ridin’ Clean

Multi-Armed and Dangerous