18 Pictures That Prove Sarcasm Is Highly Underrated

You’re probably currently experiencing a case of “Deja Poo” because you’ve heard this crap before. These are the 18 best memes and pictures on the Internet which definitively prove that sarcasm is highly underrated. Once you’re done consuming these sarcastic pictures and sarcastic sayings, you’ll be mentally prepared to deal with society for the rest of the day. Read through these funny sarcastic quotes that express what you really feel on the inside.

A Good Defense Is the Best Offense

Nobody Bosses Me Around

Snake in the Grass

Say Hi to Your Mother for Me

Laugh It Up, Fuzzballs

Off Limits

Roll Out!

Support Our Troops

Get Back to Work

Leaf It to Tree

Security Never Sleeps

Does Anyone Smell Something Burning?

Pooh Love

Good Lord

Shut the Truck Up!

Horsing Around

Knock on Wood

How to Win an Instagrammy