18 Reasons to Fake a Pregnancy

Now you don’t have to be a deranged teen in the middle of nowhere, or a celebrity looking to revamp your career to fake a thanks to this cool/awful/amazing/terrible site, fakeababy.com or as they should probably call it, PeopleSuckTheyReallySuck.com.  

Want to get loads of gifts for no reason other than to break the trust of your friends and family? Fake a pregnancy! Get off work for baby check-ups/binge watching Netflix? Fake a pregnancy! Skip class for an ultrasound/bar hopping? Fake a pregnancy? Or just to demonstrate that you are insane or at least mentally imbalanced? This site has you covered. Because Internet.  

You can even get a personalized fake pregnancy test, fake ultrasound sonogram image, fake pregnancy belly for twins, and even silicone breast pushups. Awesome for cosplay, a hilarious fake pregnancy prank on your priest, and unethically useful elsewhere, these fake pregnancy bellies will get you all of the attention you need. Until someone takes you to a shrink or fires you or asks you to leave town.   

Maybe a teenager in Wyandotte, MI was thinking all or none of these things when she pretended to be pregnant with triplets. Gifts and support came forth in a tsunami-like wave as her boyfriend frantically searched for a job and prepared himself to be a young father of three. But after 10 months, no baby arrived. Because when the girl set out to fake a pregnancy with her fake pregnancy belly, she probably didn’t think far enough ahead/at all.

So when everyone was like “what?” she was all shrugs. The bright side for the teen was that she wasn’t charged with a crime or sued for fraud. Not sure if her 16-year-old boyfriend jet-packed out of that town, but we sure are hoping he did.  

So, what are the best ways to fake a pregnancy using products from fakeababy.com? And what useful things can we accomplish when we fake a pregnancy? Upvote your favorite fake pregnancy prank and let’s see who fake delivers.


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