18 Surprising and Revealing Facts About Charlie Chaplin

might just be one of the most famous people that ever lived. Young whippersnappers today might not know who he is, but the silent film legend had a career that spanned 75 years. He’s like the human Mickey Mouse. An icon, recognizable to millions around the world. But who was , really? Is there any trivia that’s not widely known?

Thanks to severalĀ CharlieĀ Chaplin biographies and his ownĀ My Autobiography, the answer is a resoundingĀ yes. He was a fascinating and complicated man –Ā studying Chaplin revealsĀ facts (many less-than-flattering)Ā about CharlieĀ Chaplin that don’t appear in the first few paragraphs of his Wikipedia page.Ā Read on for some fascinating CharlieĀ Chaplin trivia.

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