19 Hilarious STD Billboards and PSAs

After all, why sit around the marketing office all day trying to come up with a polite way to say “make sure you don’t have herpes” when you can instead utilize the power of via funny STD check billboards that are far more likely to get noticed? These are some of the funniest, and all around attention grabbing std check billboards ever hoisted up in front of unsuspecting motorists. Among them you’ll find everything from that work in modern political puns to ads from the 1940’s that are funny for a, well, different reason.

These funny STD billboards are here to remind you that if you’re gonna play the game, you might as well play it safe.

Anyone Get the Sense that this May Not Be the Work of Bernie Supporters?
Keepin’ HIV Tests Randomly Gangsta
Just When You Thought No one Else Could Find a Way to Cash in on Twilight
Here’s Lookin’ at You Millennials
You Know this One Totally Rocked it at Comic-Con
Tools of the Trade
This Visual is Totally Nailing It
Now that’s a Brilliant App Waiting to Happen
This Random 1940’s Ad that May or May Not Be a Tad of an Exaggeration
This Billboard Finally Cracks the Mystery Behind that Famous Grin
You’ll Never Suck on a Lifesaver Without Giggling Again
HIV Testing= Now More Fun than an Unlucky One Night Stand
This PSA Cleverly Disguises Itself as an ad for the Newest in the “Left Behind” Series
This Old WW2 PSA is Still Kinda Rocking It into the 21st Century
Daaaaw, Who Can Argue with the Worlds Most Adorable Penis Metaphor?
Brought to You by a Group of People Who Really F—ing Hate Wyoming
Oh Somethin’ Just Ain’t Right About That…
This Random WW2 General Wants You (to Wrap that Shit Up)!
Some Websites May Best be Navigated in Pairs