20 Babes Who Look Just Like Ariel in The Little Mermaid

Call it cosplay if you like, but there areĀ Little MermaidĀ lookalikes out there. And why not? When it comes toĀ Disney princesses, all others must bow before Ariel, the titular mer-person inĀ The Little Mermaid. Not only is Ariel a wonderful and sympathetic character, but she’s also rocks a seashell bikini like no other.

Below you will find the ultimate collection of girls who look like Ariel in real life. These Ariel doppelgangers were clearly born to doĀ Little MermaidĀ cosplay. You might be thinking, “But wait, Ariel’s a mermaid.” In the words of some character inĀ American Pie, “Yeah, but not when she’s on land.”

All of these women who look like Ariel fromĀ The Little MermaidĀ are on land, too, so vote up the cosplayers and Halloween favorites who most resemble everybody’s favorite cartoon mermaid.