20 Bizarre And Inappropriate Foreign Beer Ads

American beer ads follow a standard formula: Bros and babes have a killer time followed by slow motion shots of beers being poured and a reminder to drink responsibly. Foreign advertisers take a different approach to beer advertising with a special brew of equal parts random, bizarre, and WTF, and it doesn’t always work. This collection of hilarious foreign beer ads┬ámight not be considered the┬áfunniest beer commercials┬áever, but they’ll definitely get your attention.┬áCheers to these weird beer ads.

It Ain’t Easy Being Green

The No-Pants Beer

How To Get Belly Button Wasted

The Anti-Ginger Kid Beer


No Innuendo Whatsoever

So Many Questions

Toeing The Line

A Toast To Toast

Because Beer Always Gets Mistaken for Boobs

What The Sh*t!

The King Of Sad Norweigan Beers

Sausage Party In Costa Rica

Anal-yze This

The Anti-Wife Beer

Heineken: The Official Beer Of Werewolves

Pre-Prostate Party

What The German Kids Are Into

The Birth Of Beer

Wait… What?

Or Else?