20+ Clever Error Messages That’ll Make You Chuckle

We expect non-stop perfection when it comes to our , and on those rare occasions when a website doesn’t work, we get super annoyed for like two seconds. When these first-world Internet tragedies occur, a website will usually display error messages to apologize for temporarily ruining our lives. Funny 404 messages and funny error pages have been saving lives since the dawn of the Internet and some of them are pretty damn clever. Even the best browsers and websites occasionally experience funny computer errors, and it’s time for us as an Internet society to accept this. The next time you’re on a website that has a funny warning sign, remember that this means you’re on a website run by people who kind of care about you being upset about their problems.

Move Along

Evil Empire Problems

Super 404 Error Message

Hasta La Pasta, Baby

Proper 404 Etiquette

Goat Gone Wild

Birds Of A Feather

Invitation To The ‘No Pants’ Party

Justin Time

Up Chuck

Blind As A Bat

Pain In The Neck

Tech Cat Has No Idea What It’s Doing

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Comedy Of Errors


Snap To It

Dr. Evil’s 404 Page

Take Note

Head Games

Old News

Homer’s Where The Heart Is

Con Artist

Lowering The Bar

Because Nothing Says Sorry Like ’s Face