20 Hilarious Examples Of Pokémon Getting Shamed By Their Trainers

Pok√©mon characters have brought its fans¬†quite a bit of joy over the last 20+¬†years, but Pok√©mon shaming art¬†features the loveable¬†creatures like you’ve never seen them before.¬†Several¬†talented (and funny) artists¬†have offered their services to make¬†this gallery of Pok√©mon shaming art so damn satisfying.

No, this isn’t a collection of¬†terrifyingly¬†realistic Pok√©mon, nor is it a gallery of¬†anatomically correct images, but the shaming captions under these pocket monsters¬†probably¬†fall under the “too true” category.¬†

It’s time to take a break from catching them all¬†and enjoy some seriously funny Pok√©mon shaming pictures. Once you’re done laughing at all of these hilarious Pok√©mon shame photos, make sure to vote up your favorites.¬†

Arcanine And Zorua Are Mailing It In

Two shamed Pokémon are better than one as proven by swiftfrost.

Magikarp Makes Every Trainer’s Worst Fear Come To Life

0utatim3 provides trainers with a truly scary thought in this image.

A Bad Place To Evolve

A true “what if?” scenario is presented by¬†pancakesandhalibut.

Mr. Mime Has No Shame

Dampho¬†paints¬†fans a truly funny picture ‚Äď both figuratively and literally.

Dragonite Doing Its Best Winnie The Pooh Impression

Dragonite cannot fit through small spaces in this image by Irongut1 and his friend Xavier.

Poor Staryu

This image proves that artist Wouhlven is both talented and funny.

Blame Jolteon

iRoxykun‘s¬†image and caption work together perfectly.

Duskull And Kids These Days…

Simple yet effective with thegamingdrawer.

Weathering The Rayquaza Storm

Rayquaza is a big baby in¬†Delteor‘s¬†piece.

Shedinja Is Quite Possessive

Meta-Akira gets really specific in this shaming image.

Mega Alakazam Is Ice Cold

No bowl is safe from Alakazam in this piece from Hydie Ho.

You Don’t Mess With Ursaring

Dragonith gets right to the point in this image.

Caterpie Is Kinda Gross

davidmakesart provides fans with a Caterpie that only its trainer could love.

Jigglypuff Is A Little Upset About People Falling Asleep While It’s Singing

cross_cjr truly gets Jiggplypuff in this shaming image.

What Do You Think Of This Pok√©mon Shaming? Quagsire Doesn’t Care

Dragonith‘s image literally speaks for itself.

Blame Koffing

wendycorduroy finally identifies the true cause of global warming.

Delphox Is Just Being Honest

Stormclad gives audiences a stunning and hillarious image.

Funerals Are Funny… According To Spiritomb

This dark look at Spiritomb is all thanks to artist ForbiddenPokémon.

Yveltal Must Destroy All Humans

Yveltal might deserve a bit more than shaming in¬†nanii-kin‘s picture.

Game of Tyrunt

Tyrunt looks too smug in¬†Dragonith‘s¬†depiction.