20 Historical Facts That Movies Got Totally Wrong

History class is tough – there are lots of dates and names to remember. But when you’re making historical , you’d think Hollywood would do some fact checking. Not all films, even if they are historical films about real historical figures and actual historical events, actually honor that history. On this list, films from all decades are revealed as having botched the reality of supposed non-fiction and reminded audiences that it was just a Hollywood flick. From Foxcatcher to Hotel Rwanda, and even 1915’s The Birth of a Nation, many films feature blatant errors and historical inaccuracies that will annoy more than just the average history buff. While George Clooney spiced up the third act of Good Night, and Good Luck, its timeline and the implications of that timeline are way off base. And this list covers more than just the Hollywood endings. The opening scene of American Sniper, for instance, feeds into the claims of Clint Eastwood “pro-military propaganda” by making an Iraqi woman look evil by giving her son an anti-tank grenade, which never, ever happened.