The 20 Hottest Girls in Bunny Ears

Whenever rolls around, everyone’s favorite little critter appears with treats for everyone. If you don’t like the Bunny, well, then there’s something wrong with you. While the bunny hops along dropping off eggs along the way for well behaved children across the globe, there is another, hotter slant to the bunny. Yes, like with anything else, hot love donning Bunny ears. And who wouldn’t? These gals, give many a reason to be thankful for as Easter rolls around. You’ll see famous sprinkled on her and some you may not recognize. No matter you how cut it, nothing quite rings in the late spring like seeing hot chicks wearing bunny ears.

Take a look at this list and feel free to vote on it however you deem to be appropriate. Feel free to take this list and make your own version of it as well.

Looks Like Someone Dropped Her Eggs

I’ll Be Your Host for the Evening

Two Bunnies for the Price of One

Kate Moss Looks for Her Contact Lens

Lauren Vickers Is Going to Bunny Hop Over the Fence

Bow Ties Always Add a Touch of Class

Formal Bunny

Mean With Bunny Ears

This Bunny Will Throw Down If Necessary

That Probably Isn’t the Safest Way to Ride a Bike

This Gives New Meaning to Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Hat

The Easter Bunny Couldn’t Come, So She Came Instead

Bunny Ears Can Make for a Great Antenna Too

Bunnies Are PETA Approved

Bunny Ears: for the

Someone Is Ready to Party

Technically, Those Are Ears

Her Tie Really Holds Her Costume Together

Bunny Ears Can Be Uncomfortable

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