20+ Musicians Who Are (Supposedly) in the Illuminati

While numerous rappers and pop stars, people like , Jay Z, and , are alleged to be members of the , there is a whole host of other artists with possible links to the Cabal, according to conspiracy theorists and watchers. Some of the most important rock bands, country singers, songwriters, and artists of all time have perceived ties to Satan worship, the Occult, or the .

Through their lyrics, artwork, images, personas, and actions, these legacy artists have brainwashed untold millions into doing Satan’s bidding. Their songs are played on the radio, their albums routinely listed as the greatest of all time, and their concerts still sell out. But how do you stay relevant in the notoriously fast moving music industry, decade after decade?

You call on your masters in the Illuminati, of course. Here are 21 classic rockers, country stars, modern rockers, and big name bands who are alleged to be the preferred entertainment of the Judeo-Masonic-Communist conspiracy that runs everything.

The Rolling Stones

20+ Musicians Who Are (Supposedly) in the Illuminati

The media pitted the Rolling Stones and the Beatles against each other in a fake battle of “bad boys” vs. “good boys.” But in reality, the Stones are thought to work for the same Dark Master as the Beatles, including releasing an album called Their Satanic Majesties Request and including numerous explicit references to the Occult in their lyrics.

Also, Keith Richards is still alive, ensuring his complicity with Satan.

Led Zeppelin

20+ Musicians Who Are (Supposedly) in the Illuminati

One of the original bands linked with devil worship, Zeppelin’s music allegedly (or explicitly) contains a number of references to the devil, the Occult, wizards, Hobbits, mystical lands, and drugs. As well, Jimmy Page admired Aleister Crowley, the self-titled “wickedest man” on the planet and purchased Crowley’s estate, where Crowley (allegedly) conducted occult satanic rituals, demon conjuring, and human sacrifices.

Led Zeppelin is also famous for including “backmasked” messages in “Stairway to Heaven,” including phrases like “my sweet the devil” and “sad the devil.” The band has always denied these charges – as any Illuminati stooge would.

The Beatles

20+ Musicians Who Are (Supposedly) in the Illuminati

The ultimate stooges of Satan, the Beatles are said by Illuminati watchers to have introduced a generation of fans to the Dark Lord, marijuana, and rebelling against their parents. The Illuminati would then become their “new” parents, enslaving them to their dark whims.

These references were more hidden in their early work, but became more explicit as the band smoked more weed. Allegedly.

Jimi Hendrix

20+ Musicians Who Are (Supposedly) in the Illuminati

Hendrix exploded on to the music scene in the late ’60s with a power and intensity so strong that many believe he couldn’t have done so without Illuminati ties. It’s also alleged that when he outlived his usefulness to the Cabal, he was assassinated through a staged drug overdose, and that Hendrix really didn’t do drugs but was forced to by the Illuminati.


20+ Musicians Who Are (Supposedly) in the Illuminati

The Laurel Canyon cocaine cowboys aren’t an obvious candidate to be Illuminati Satan worshippers. But this website makes an extremely detailed case that “Hotel California,” maybe the band’s best known song, is actually a paean to the Devil, containing numerous subliminal references to Church of Satan, apocalyptic, ancient Egyptian and Occult concepts.

The band has always denied this, but remember: you can check out of the Illuminati any time you like, but you can never leave.


20+ Musicians Who Are (Supposedly) in the Illuminati

The Australian rockers are well known for using a variety of Satanic images in their music and album art. They also became infamous for serial killer Richard Ramirez claiming a number of their songs contained hidden messages that inspired him to commit murder.

AC/DC lead guitarist Angus Young replied to these rumors that they called their album Highway to Hell, and they didn’t bother to actually hide anything.

Judas Priest

20+ Musicians Who Are (Supposedly) in the Illuminati

Beyond the obvious Satanic references in their music, Judas Priest was front and center in a trial accusing them of implanting subliminal messages in their songs exhorting their fans to kill themselves. These theories never address why a rock band would want their fans to do this, as dead fans presumably don’t buy albums or concert tickets.

But that’s the Illuminati for you – doing things that don’t make a lot of sense.


20+ Musicians Who Are (Supposedly) in the Illuminati

As one of the more visible rock stars, Sting is an obvious Illuminati candidate. He also has connections to Illuminati front group the Central Intelligence Agency, as the father of his former Police bandmate, Stewart Copeland, was a CIA field agent. There are also allegations that the Police album Ghost in the Machine contains a hidden reference to 666 in its cover art.

Also, that tantric sex thing has to be Satanic, right?

David Bowie

20+ Musicians Who Are (Supposedly) in the Illuminati

Bowie’s gender bending, drug use, and references to Satanism and the Occult make him an obvious candidate to be an Illuminati puppet. This essay (warning: extremely long) shines a light on virtually every lyric, interview and image that reflects Bowie’s fascination with the Occult – in particularly, concepts in gnosticism and the work of OTO head Aleistir Crowley.


20+ Musicians Who Are (Supposedly) in the Illuminati

The U2 lead singer is one of the most visible in the fields of philanthropy and political activism, making him a shoe-in to be an Illuminati member. He’s also one of a number of celebs who made “joking” references to being in the Illuminati as part of a video for Matt Damon’s clean water charity.

Remember, everyone who makes a reference to not being in the Illuminati actually is. So Bono’s “joke” is all the proof we need.

Bob Dylan

20+ Musicians Who Are (Supposedly) in the Illuminati

The singer admitted during an interview on 60 Minutes that he “sold his soul” to the “Chief Commander” of this world and the next. Some might interpret that to be God. But as a wealthy, powerful, and influential entertainer, Dylan is (probably) talking about Satan, the Chief Commander of the Illuminati.


20+ Musicians Who Are (Supposedly) in the Illuminati

With their flair for dramatic and regal imagery, it’s no shock that the band Queen is alleged by Illuminati watchers to have been in league with the Cabal. This long video makes the case for the band inserting all kinds of Illuminati, Satanic, and anti-religion messages in their music, videos, and album artwork.

As the Illuminati are known for their royal bloodlines and their devotion to ceremony, these references make sense, at least to those who believe.

Def Leppard

20+ Musicians Who Are (Supposedly) in the Illuminati

Are these English pop-metal mavens actually the Illuminati’s favorite band of the ’80s? That’s the case made by this essay, which delves deep into the band’s connections to the Jewish-Masonic-Illuminati conspiracy, which they expressed through lyrics and imagery. “Def Leppard’s artwork has, perhaps, some of the most obvious and recurring occult symbolism of any of its contemporaries,” the site claims.

With this kind of “research” backing it up, who are you to disagree?


20+ Musicians Who Are (Supposedly) in the Illuminati

Obvious poster children for worship of both the Devil and the Almighty Dollar, KISS are steeped in Occult images – from their face paint to the numerous references to Satan and drinking in their lyrics. The band’s name itself is still alleged by some to stand for “Knights (or Kids, depending on who you talk to) In Satan’s Service.”

Of course, one could argue that all of these references are just marketing gimmicks dreamed up by a lead singer obsessed with wringing every possible dollar out of his image.

Kurt Cobain

20+ Musicians Who Are (Supposedly) in the Illuminati

Few recent musicians have as much mystery and conspiracy surrounding them as Kurt Cobain. His death in particular has always carried with it a number of perceived loose ends and contradictions, a hallmark of Illuminati staged suicides. Was the singer knocked off by the Cabal because he knew too much and was about to go public? Illuminati watchers believe he wouldn’t have been the first.

Bruce Springsteen

20+ Musicians Who Are (Supposedly) in the Illuminati

Normally, Bruce Springsteen isn’t mentioned often when it comes to associations with the Illuminati, other than the typical ones that follow every celebrity around. But a series of mysterious deaths connected to The Boss have Cabal watchers scratching their heads.

First, Springsteen’s cousin, a road manager for the band, was found dead in a hotel room. Then, his long time saxophone player (and more recently, Lady Gaga collaborator) Clarence Clemons, died. Is the Cabal sending Springsteen a message?

Billy Joel

20+ Musicians Who Are (Supposedly) in the Illuminati

The Illuminati doesn’t just recruit guitar heroes and strutting frontmen. They also got their hooks into the Piano Man, according to this theory that posits Joel’s song “We Didn’t Start the Fire” is actually a subliminal Cabal anthem, prophesying that all events in human history are beyond our control and were planned out by secret societies.

Perhaps what Joel “can’t take anymore” is serving as an Illuminati slave?

Kris Kristofferson

20+ Musicians Who Are (Supposedly) in the Illuminati

Before becoming famous as an outlaw country singer and songwriter, Kris Kristofferson had a colorful past that included a stint in the U.S. Army in Vietnam, as well as being a Rhodes Scholar. He’s also named in alleged Illuminati mind control victim Cathy O’Brien’s book as an agent of infamous government conspiracy MKULTRA.

O’Brien describes the singer as a “Vatican based Project Monarch slave runner.” Which is as outlaw country as it gets.

Boxcar Willie

20+ Musicians Who Are (Supposedly) in the Illuminati

Another military figure and country singer who’s been named by alleged mind control slave Cathy O’Brien as an Illuminati agent. A former bomber pilot who took on the persona of a singing hobo, Boxcar Willie is alleged to be a “CIA operative country music entertainer.”

O’Brien’s book describes in detail her torment at the hands of the singer, who she says is part of Nashville Satanic sex abuse royalty, though she produces nothing substantive to support her allegations.

Jerry Lee Lewis

20+ Musicians Who Are (Supposedly) in the Illuminati

“The Killer” is another singer alleged to have sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for fame, and who also has a lifelong fascination with the Occult. Some websites even allege that the piano player is one of the Illuminati’s foremost experts in mind control programming, bringing legions of other musicians and fans under his sway.

Robert Johnson

20+ Musicians Who Are (Supposedly) in the Illuminati

Rock and roll began with the blues, and no singer or guitarist is more of a link in that chain than Robert Johnson. The bluesman, who cut only 37 songs before his mysterious death, is said to have had no musical ability, until one night he went to the proverbial crossroads and sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for the skills that would make him famous.

Numerous rich and powerful (i.e., Illuminati) musicians have covered his songs, from Eric Clapton to the Rolling Stones. So it’s not a stretch to think they, too, sold their souls in the same bargain Johnson made.