20 Pixar Movie Theories That Make A Surprising Amount Of Sense

If you’re into Pixar theories, you’ll mightily enjoy this list and have some ammo for the next trivia throw down. Be warned, though – sure, some of these Pixar are fun and circuitous, but others are pretty dark and depressing.

For instance, the theory about the witch from Brave being Boo from Monsters, Inc. is only part of one major theory. The fact that Boo the witch is leaving Easter eggs behind in all of the Pixar movies as she searches for Mike is pretty mind blowing. This all ties into Jon Negroni’s super Pixar fan theory that every Pixar movie since Toy Story takes place in the same universe. He even wrote a book about it.

After you discover all of these prominent Pixar movie theories you’ll be connecting all he dots yourself. And looking for Boo, looking for Sully.

14 Pixar Movies Take Place in the Same Universe

The Cracked theory inspired critic and conspiracy theorist Jon Negroni to write a book about a popular Pixar rumor. Negroni’s The Pixar Theory concludes that every Pixar movie since Toy Story (A Bug’s Life; Toy Story 2; Monsters, Inc.; Finding Nemo; The Incredibles; Cars; Ratatouille; WALL-E; Up; Toy Story 3; Cars 2; Brave; and Monsters University) exist within the same universe. Brave explains why animals talk and are motivated like humans are.

The Tree Sapling in WALL-E Becomes the Tree in A Bug’s Life

Wait, what?! You know that plant WALL-E keeps safe until the humans return? Well, this theory suggests that it becomes the tree in A Bug’s Life and the reason we don’t see any humans in that film is that the Earth has yet to repopulate.

We’re Watching Carl’s Journey to Ellie in the Afterlife

This theory will make an already sad movie even sadder. The theory holds that Carl dies in the beginning of the film and we’re watching him being escorted by a tiny angel to Ellie, who’s waiting for him in the afterlife. No, YOU’RE crying.

Boo from Monsters, Inc. Is the Witch in Brave

Boo loved Sulley and when she grew up, she set out to find him. She used those same doors to travel through time, all the way back to the time of Brave, where she discovers the origin of the Will O’ the Wisps. The carving of Sulley is a big hint that the witch is Boo. Oh, and she’s been to the Toy Story world as well, which explains the Pizza Planet carving.

Andy’s Mom Is Jessie’s Original Owner

Pixar loves to tie things in, so this theory makes a lot of sense. From the way Andy’s mom looks, to the hat he wears (a Jessie hat, likely due to his mom’s influence), Andy’s mom is Emily.

All Pixar Movies Are About the Apocalypse

The After Hours team over at Cracked (well, one of them), posits that all of the Pixar movies take place in the same universe, and they are all driving toward one conclusion… the talking toys, inanimate objects, and other characters send humans away on the ship, Axiom, from WALL-E because they were sick of being slaves to humans and then cast aside. When they are allowed to return, WALL-E, the cyborg Jesus, will rule over them along with Eve.

WALL-E Destroyed Earth

Brace yourself, this fan theory is a bummer. In his quest to horde gadgets and other things, WALL-E destroys the other cleaning units because they keep taking his stuff. With all of the cleaning bots gone, the Earth goes to ruin and the humans have to be evacuated.

Randall Boggs Is Andy’s Monster

First, you would have to believe that Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. exist in the same universe. Then, you need to look fast while watching Monsters, Inc. The above still frame from the film spawned this conspiracy theory. When Randall is practicing his scare tactics, he’s casting himself on a bedroom wall that looks very much like the wallpaper in Andy’s room.

Nemo Is a Figment of Marlin’s Imagination

If you want to polish off a depressing Pixar marathon, watch Finding Nemo with this theory in mind. Marlin’s wife and her eggs are all dead at the beginning of the film, including Nemo, the son who could have been. We’re watching Marlin deal with his loss by inventing a story in which he saves Nemo.

Edna Mode Was Inspired by Randall Bogg’s Invisibility

When Randall went back in time, he came across Edna, therefore inspiring her costume for Violet with built in invisibilt capabilites. You buying it?

Edna Mode from The Incredibles Saved the World with a Cape

Edna’s “no capes” policy was fierce until Syndrome came to her for a new outfit. Not only did she study his powers and makes suits for the Incredibles to do battle with him, she also gave Syndrome a cape. That cape turned out to be his downfall. Maybe Edna planned it all along?

The Magic of Brave Is Responsible for Sentient Animals

First off, this theory suggests that the magic in Brave is the origin of animal evolution. The magic wears off after a while in the Brave world, but the animals pass on the ability to talk, think, and reason to their offspring.

Did Chef Skinner Tell Charles Muntz About Animal Thoughts?

Maybe one bad guy tells another bad guy about the fact that animals have thoughts, feelings, and goals. So possibly Chef Skinner from Ratatouille ran across Charles Muntz from Up and shared this knowledge about animals. It’s a long shot, but in this universe, it’s just as plausible as anything.

Toy Story 3 Is the Story of the Holocaust

This sunny theory holds that Andy leaves his toys behind as the Allies did with the Jewish people. Buzz’s attic sanctuary is Anne Frank’s hiding spot. The incinerator sembalizes the horrors of the ovens of the concentration camps.

Is Buy-n-Large the Evil Corporation in Up?

We know that BNL owns Earth, its former inhabitants, and probably WALL-E. But is it also the company behind the land grab of Carl and Ellie’s home in Up?

In Toy Story 3, when Buzz is flipped over for a battery check, you can see the BNL logo on the AAs.

Monsters Are a Super Species of Animals and Machines

This one is a bit of a mind-bender. In a post-apocalyptic world where humans have had to slowly repopulate and animals and machines are sentient beings, it’s a possibility that animals and machines create a super species.The result? Monsters. But what happens to the humans? The monsters find that they need humans to power their universe and use time travel to bring them back.

One Trailer, Two Movies, More Post-Apocalyptic World Theories

This one feels like an Easter egg, but it could be a part of the apocalypse theory. The trailer from Monsters, Inc. is the same as the one in A Bug’s Life. If you believe that A Bug’s Life is devoid of humans because they don’t exist on Earth anymore, and if you believe that Monsters, Inc. is set in a world where time travel is invented to bring humans back… then this theory makes sense.

Is Allinol from Cars Actually Buy-n-Large?

Two evil corporations; one evil goal: control. One fan theory holds that Allinol is one and the same as BNL.

Bing Bong Is a Cohort of Mike and Sulley’s

If this theory is correct, Bing Bong from Inside Out just might have carpooled to work with Sulley or Mike. He could be part of the next phase of Monsters, Inc., when they figured out that a child’s laughter is much more powerful than a scream.

Boo the Witch Is Dropping All Those Easter Eggs Into Other Worlds

This is a fun one. Either Pixar loves to put Easter eggs in their movies, or Boo (as the Witch from Brave), who’s figured out time travel through Sulley’s doors, is planting clues to these worlds or accidentally leaving them behind as she searches for her old friend.