20 Real Wanted Posters for Old West Outlaws

Genuine wanted posters from the so-called “” featuring real Old West outlaws are pretty rare. They were printed on cheap paper and meant to be thrown away after the fugitive was caught or killed. Luckily, a few Old West wanted posters have survived for our admiration. The existing  wanted posters are typographical marvels, full of bold, jet-black serifs sprawled across audacious, ten-gallon headlines. The list below captures a few extant examples of the form for posterity.

John Wilkes Booth Wanted Poster (1865)

$500 Reward! (Year Unknown)

Abduction of Katie Mary Curran (1874)

$500 Reward! Murder! Murder! Murder! (1867)

Reward. $1000 Reward! (1879)

Proclamation of the Governor of Missouri (1881)

$10,000 Reward for WM. M. Tweed (1875)

1,000 Dollars Reward (1872)

Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency – “We Never Sleep” (1878)

$100 Reward (1858)

$1000 Reward! (1863)

Look For Him! (1879)

$5,800 in Gold Certificates Stolen (1873)

Thieves Who Broke Into Our Premises (1875)

Burglars Wanted! (1877)

One Thousand Dollars (1873)

Embezzling About $82,000 in Various Sums (1880)

N. Appleton Shute (1873)

John Hunt Morgan Escape from Prison Reward Poster (1863)

“Ranaway” from Richard’s Ferry (Year Unknown)