20 Shocking Valentine’s Day Crimes Committed by Lovers

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year, the one day where we all gorge ourselves on roses and chocolate covered strawberries in the comfort of our lovers. But for some, February 14 is the perfect day for a spree. The shocking transgressions on this list of Valentine’s crimes cover all the standard bases: theft, murder, and shooting your estranged stepson with a crossbow. Who knows what it is that makes that one special day in February the perfect storm for criminal activity? Maybe some of the on this list didn’t have anything better to do than rob a Subway on Valentine’s, which is kind of sad when you think about it. Curl up on a bearskin rug in front of the fire with your lover and check out this list of 22 shocking Valentine’s Day crimes – Just don’t get any ideas.
What would you do for love? Break out of state prison to meet up with your best girl? Smash up the car of your ex’s new flame? If either of those options appeals to you then you’re going to love the lovefools in this collection of Valentine’s (Valencrimes?) full of men and women acting like insane once they get bitten by the love bug. If you need a cheap Valentine’s date, order a pizza, call your bae, and pull up the on this list. Hopefully you’re a good kisser.

Sweetheart Thieves Share a Smooch on Camera

In 2015, a couple of jewel thieves took a break from robbing a store of £213 in order to make out. Unfortunately they were caught on the store’s CCTV. The store owner said of the young lovers, “They were amateurs because apart from the cash, they did not take anything of value. There were cameras and laptop computers and smart phones and they left it all behind because they were so busy kissing.”

I Love You, and I’m Going to Rob Your Bank

In order to buy his girlfriend an engagement ring, Ramsey Fakhouri tried to rob the Bradford National Bank branch where she worked. Because he was a romantic, he took part in the robbery on Valentine’s Day. He snagged nearly $26,000 from a bank worker who was stocking an ATM outside the branch.

The Great Subway Sandwich Robbery

On Valentine’s Day 2015, a couple of robbers held up a Subway sandwich shop, shoving an employeeinto a room at gunpoint, before emptying a cash register, rummaging through an employee’s pockets, and taking off into the night.

Thieves Try to Rob a Florist

In Huntsville, AL a pair of robbing Romeos held up Heartfield Florist. They tied up two employees in a back room and were heartbroken when they discovered that the florist had no money in the safe.

Man Aggressively Robs Bank, as If There Was Another Way

On the morning of Valentine’s Day 2014, a guy rushed into Citizen’s Bank in Norwich, CT and freaked everyone out before making off with a massive sum of money. He was later picked up by the cops and held on $500,000 bail.

Man Takes Cab Driver for a Valentine’s Ride

Early on Valentine’s Day morning 2015, a taxi driver received a not so sweet gift when the man he picked up pulled out a 9mm and asked, ” Can I pay with this?” The taxi driver gave the man his Samsung tablet and took off to drive another day.

Valentine’s Day Kidnapping Goes All Wrong

Over in merry ol’ England, two buddies,  Tom Wood and Brett Ireson, kidnapped a man named Ian Virgo and tried to beat him to death. Virgo suffered severe bruising and slash wounds to his arm and leg, then he was repeatedly beaten while being taken from his house and put in the kidnapper’s car.

Woman Mysteriously Vanishes on Valentine’s Night

In 2015,  Erica Alonso and her boyfriend were out celebrating Valentines when they met a mystery couple who gave them a ride home and proceeded to hang out until 3:45 in the morning. Then, Erica and her boyfriend got in an argument and she drove off, never to be seen again. Following the disappearance, the police tried to locate the mystery couple but no one knew who they were.

Crime Ring Targets Victoria’s Secret

In St. Petersburg, FL a group of thieves made off with thousands of dollars in Victoria’s Secret merchandise, leaving hundreds of Floridians without anything to wear during the second most romantic night of the year (the first obviously being the final night of Spring Break).

Man Steals Roses for Girlfriend

In Dublin, Ireland, Bernard Conway (a very drunk man) was caught stealing roses from an Aldi. He also stole a cashmere throw and a backpack in the same incident, but the backpack probably wasn’t for his girlfriend.

The Valentine’s Purse Snatcher

Making what was probably her worst Valentine’s Day ever, a woman was waiting for the bus in Glendora, CA when a purse snatcher ran by, grabbed her, and drug her along the sidewalk for 30 feet before her purse straps broke, freeing her.

The Valentine’s Bandit Really Irritates the FBI

One man, dubbed the Valentine’s bandit became the ire of the FBI and the police in San Mateo County after he robbed two banks on the Peninsula and a whole different bank in Burlingame, CA. Did the FBI even consider whether he was robbing all those banks in the name of love?

BDSM Role Playing Couple Arrested on Valentine’s Day

A swingin’ couple from Portland, OR ended up in the pokey after their VERY INTENSE role play ended up getting them in big trouble. When cops arrived on the scene, responding to calls about a woman bound in the back of a car, they found 26-year-old Stephanie Morgan Pelzner naked and bound, just as callers claimed. She was able to confirm that she and her boyfriend had simply been role playing, but nevertheless, they were arrested for and charged with disorderly conduct.

Inmate Attempts Valentine’s Escape

A Phoenix inmate escaped from prison by climbing two walls and crawling through razor wire in order to meet his sweetheart for a romantic Valentine’s Day – she was waiting about at a Coolidge saloon and grill, about 35 miles away. He was arrested without incident when he arrived.

The Valentine’s Day Crossbow Attack

A man shot his estranged wife’s son with a crossbow when he saw the 23 year old leaving his workplace. The arrow pierced the young man’s arm and upper torso, but he survived. After the assault, the man turned the crossbow on himself. He was taken to hospital, but pronounced dead shortly after.

Man Buys Every Other Seat in a Theater

This isn’t so much illegal as it is completely dickish, but a Shanghai man, only known as “U.P.” bought out every other seat in a local theater for a Valentine’s Day showing of Beijing Love Story. Allegedly, U.P.’s girlfriend broke up with him a year before the event and in an online forum he wrote, “Want to see a on Valentine’s Day? Sorry, you’ll have to sit separately.”

Woman Beats Up Boyfriend for Not Buying Her a V-Day Gift

Henry Brown learned the hard way that he should always buy a gift. After discovering he hadn’t gotten her anything, his girlfriend (probably now ex-girlfriend) beat him up.
He managed to lock himself in his bedroom, but that only worked temporarily, as she  tried to cut through the door and stab him. When the police finally showed up and arrested Brown’s girlfriend she was charged with aggravated menacing.

Woman Smashes Ex’s New Squeeze’s Car to Celebrate V-Day

Gianna Frongillo had one heck of a Valentine’s evening in 2015, when she paid a visit to her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s car. The police reported that Frongillo started out by slashing the car’s tires and keying the car, but the cherry on top was when she threw a rock through the back window.

Lonely Canadian Man Goes on Valentine’s Crime Spree

In 2015, Anthony W. Pitts ventured across Sarnia, Ontario, stealing backpacks full of goods (including a giant bottle of rum!). He received a 60 day jail sentence and two years of probation. If only he’s had a date that night, he probably would have been stealing hearts instead of cheap goods.

Man Kills Girlfriend, Tries to Pass It Off as a Suicide

On Valentine’s Day 2014,  Carlos Cadavid tried to convince the police that his girlfriend, Krizia Nunez had killed herself. But investigators noticed that the physical evidence in their hotel room didn’t match that of a suicide, and Cadavid admitted his guilt a few days later.
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