20 Unique Same-Sex Weddings That’ll Melt Your Heart

Are you looking for gay ideas? In case you were out of the country on June 26, 2015, you might have missed the US Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage in all 50 states. If you are part of the LGBTQ community or associated with it in any way, you already know that gay weddings are some of the best weddings because just about anything can happen. Outdoors, indoors, traditional, non-traditional, elaborate, quaint – you know, like straight weddings, only no one’s aunt sings Ave Maria out of tune (or maybe she does, depending on your family?).  

A lot of gay weddings pop up that are incredibly unique and a bit out of the box, as compared to traditional marriage ceremonies. Why? The very nature of a gay wedding ceremony is about expressing love and values in a country where up until recently, the union wasn’t considered legal everywhere. 
So as the floodgates open for more and more same-sex weddings, let’s look at the many wonderful, unique, and moving ways LGBTQ couples are making their nuptials special. Stefon might even whisper into his steepled hands, “These gay weddings have everything; hand-held chuppahs, carousels, Cirque du Soleil performers, the beach in the rain, Cyndi Lauper, drag queens, the best wedding photographers in the business, Converse, cowboy boots, chicken and waffles, fabulous wedding cakes, breathtaking locations, bites that foodies will love, cool DIY invitations, poolside receptions, and photos so stunning, you’ll cry like a unicorn who’s seen too much beauty.”

Some of these weddings are so elegant, you’re going to need Xanax for Gay Summer Weddings, but all of them demonstrate that a gay wedding ceremony’s foundation is love, support, and fun. No matter what kind of wedding ceremony you are planning, you can draw upon these weddings for inspiration. Don’t hate, appropriate… these gay wedding ideas.

Upvote the most creative and one-of-a-kind gay wedding below and let love win again.

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