20 Voice Actors Who Look Exactly Like Their Characters

Before Aladdin made casting big-time celebrities the norm, voice actors used to be the unsung heroes of Hollywood. There simply weren’t that many cartoon characters that looked just like the people voicing them, the way Robin Williams’s rubber-faced antics were integrated into the fast-talking Genie. Today, actors who look like their cartoon counterparts are incredibly common, with 2004’s Shark Tale being perhaps the most striking example.

But pre-Aladdin, there were, in fact, a handful of voice actors that looked like , but they weren’t major celebrities, so the resemblance wasn’t meant to help sell tickets. Disney, for example, didn’t just hire incredible voice talent; they also hired strong actors such as Eleanor Audley and Bobby Driscoll and filmed them acting out the roles on a sound stage to assist the animators in creating more compelling, lifelike characters. 

This list is a mix of voice actors from TV and film that look uncannily like their cartoon counterparts. Excluded are characters that are explicitly based on a real-life person, because where’s the fun in that? (In other words, no Rover Dangerfield.) Vote up the doppelganger you think is the most convincing.

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