21 Of The Funniest Accidental Photobombs Ever

Everyone loves a good photobomb, and accidental  only strengthens one’s appreciation for this modern art form. One might say accidental  embody the best version of the form, because of the horrified facial expressions and body language of the photobomber offenders. When you think about it, you’re at risk of an accidental photobomb anytime you visit a popular destination or brunch spot, where everyone is trying to capture a memorable moment or dish. Animals, not constrained by self-awareness, are even more at risk of photobombing on accident.

The people in these photobombs and photobomb fails tried their best to avoid becoming part of photobomb history, but their efforts did not succeed. Due to the omnipresence of photography and some perfect timing, these accidental photobombs will remain a part of your (Internet) history forever.

I’m Starting With The Dad In The Mirror

A True Work Of Fart

Tim Duncan’s Accidental Photobomb

Crotch Shot

Coming Out Of Your Shell

More Proof That Cats Are A-holes

The Accidental Engagement

Here Comes The Dude

Photobomb: Excitebike Edition

Don’t Just Stand There Bust A Move

Father Of The Bride

The Original Accidental Photobomb

Bird’s Eye View Of The Milan Duomo

On The Right Track

“In the Way Guy”

That’s Amore, And A Photobomb

A Moment Of Pause

Epic Epcot Photobomb

Just Passing Through

Here’s Looking At You, Kid

Kim And Kanye Rock The Accidental Photobomb