21 Girls Who Weirdly Look Exactly Like Male Celebrities

Maybe it’s time people took a moment to look at themselves in the mirror – not because they need to reflect on their lives or ridicule themselves. Rather, because it’s entirely possibly that they may look like a celebrity of the opposite gender. Compiled here are some mind-blowing photos of girls who look like¬†male celebrities. Yes, you read that sentence correctly. Females who look like male celebrities.¬†

This is the father of the mother of all photo galleries of celebrity lookalikes. Are the women who look like the male celebrities related to them? Why is there such an uncanny resemblance? No one really knows. Either way, the similarities of these females to celebrities who are male are quite jaw-dropping. Check them out below and vote up the women who oddly take after male celebrities. 

  1. Taylor Made

    This girl and this pillow version of Taylor Lautner look very similar.

  2. Jody Gordon Levitt?

    mayhun¬†asks, “Anyone else think my friend looks like the female version of Joseph Gordon-Levitt?”

  3. Tommy Girl

    Chris Farley has a lookalike in this adorable little girl.

  4. No Butts About It

    That awkward moment when you look like Butthead.

  5. Titanic Discovery

    Redditor Tonka_Tough discovered that Leonard Dicaprio is actually a housewife from the 1950s named Judy Zipper.

  6. Platt Chance

    This nice lady and Oliver Platt look strangely related.

  7. Bedazzled

    This gorgeous¬†woman from the ’60s and¬†Brendan Fraser¬†have a lot in common.

  8. Wood You?

    NosillaWilla¬†declares,¬†“I found a female Elijah Woods in a magazine.”

  9. Burst Her Bubbles

    The resemblance between this woman and Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys (Michael Smith) is astounding!

  10. Think She’s On Team Jacob?

    Redditor¬†princesspeachh¬†has “a friend from school¬†looks like Taylor Lautner.”

  11. Heil, Cera!

    zjpeters¬†posted on Reddit, “Is It Just Me or Does Hitler’s Mom Look a Lot like Michael Cera?”

  12. Without A Tracy

    This wonderful woman and Tracy Morgan look strangely alike.

  13. I’m With Busey

    This little girl bears an uncanny resemblance to Gary Busey.

  14. Wilson!

    The Statue of Liberty and Owen Wilson strangely bear some resemblance.

  15. Cruz Control

    This girl thought she looked like Ted Cruz so much that she even went so far as to claim him as her possible father.

  16. Seeing Is Beliebing

    This lovely young woman could almost pass as¬†Justin Bieber’s clone.

  17. Fan Service

  18. Kim Jong Thrill

    dinoignacio¬†states, “My daughter looks like a world leader.”

  19. Oh, Danny Girl

    This adorable baby girl and Danny Devito bear an eerie resemblance.

  20. In-Zayn!

    This lovely young woman and Zayn from One Direction look a bit alike.

  21. Patrick Stump On The Bubble

    The Bubbles Girl and Patrick Stump have some crazy similarities.