21 Kids Who Answered the “When I Grow Up” Prompt Perfectly

Such a timeless question as “What do you want to be when you grow up?” feels easier when answering as a child; at that time, you’ve much fewer concerns regarding risk, embarrassment, practicality, job security, and are not yet bothered by the stresses of adulthood. Though they still lack much understanding of the world, kids offer many unique ideas when it comes to their future career path.

These kids’ responses possess enough understanding of their talents to proudly declare themselves future Power Rangers, animals, and even inanimate objects. To some, they might appear juvenile, but others may see some hidden wisdom in these youthful dreams.

Pole Position

Basic Life Goals

By The Numbers

Well Hot Dog!

Along Came A Spider-Man

Live Like A King

Rock On With Your Bad Self

Vegetable Soup For The Soul

America’s Next Ninja Chef

Thinking Outside The Box

Couch Potato

Hat Trick

Nacho Ordinary Kid

The Dream Of Doing Nothing

Kids’ Stuff

Low-Hanging Fruit

Power Play

Future Knights And Explorers

Not Butts About It

Thank You, Come Again

Fairy Tale