21 People Reveal The Funniest Things They’ve Done To Avoid Sex

There areĀ so many ways people will try to seduce someoneĀ into having sex with them, but we often forget that there’s a flip-side: the funny excuses people useĀ toĀ avoidĀ sex. Though culture often places sex at the top of peoples’ desires,Ā even needs, not everyone always wants to have it. And we definitely don’t always want to have it with the personĀ who wants to have it with us. But, because we don’t want to hurt anyones feelings, people get a little creative.

And really, some of the ways people have gotten out of sex are downright mad – just check outĀ this list from Reddit users.Ā Jumping from buildings, lying, building forts – there’s no limit to what we will do ot try to get out of a sticky situation. TheyĀ say that honesty is the best policy, but nobody wants to hear that you just aren’t interested. But maybe we should start saying it, because some of theseĀ methods are downright dangerous.


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