22 Adult Tattoos Of Kids’ Shows That’ll Corrupt Your Childhood

When it comes to cartoon-tattoo ideas, let’s just say you’ve stumbled on to the definitive guide to what never ever to do even if you’re life depends on it. Leave it to humanity to find the dirtiest of jokes behind the most innocent of cartoons. Beware that what you’re about to see is a collection of dirty cartoon that are definitely not safe for work or viewing around the easily scarred. 

If however, you’re up for a viewing of some of the most disturbing dirty animated tattoos of all time, rest assured that you’ve come to the right place. So while you may be better off looking elsewhere for cartoon tattoos, come on in and get a load of some of the best reasons ever never to get inked after you’ve had a few too many drinks.

Take notes on exactly how wrong hilarious drunken ideas can go with this unfortunate list of some of the worst cartoon tats of all time.


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