22 Fireman Photos That Are So Hot Right Now

As you’ll clearly see by these , you’re hard-pressed to find a male species on planet Earth more badass than firefighters. Come on, they’re willing to battle fire for a living. What more need to be said? They also slide up and down on a communal pole and strut about in their uniforms, which have a convenient face shield to protect from powerful blasts. They’re trained to handle massive cannons, and use them to shoot frothy liquid all over their extremely hot nemesis. How do they arrive, so they can shoot of their cannons? They cram into a tight little cabin and put the pedal to the metal. 

Given the arduous physical nature of the job, the heavy equipment, and the extreme temperatures they face, what could be hotter than firefighter photos? Or firefighter memes, for that matter? Of course, firefighters aren’t without a sense of humor, and some of these tasty nuggets are funny firefighter pics. Hell, in some cases, they’re funny and hot. Much like sweet and sour sauce, funny firefighter images might surprise you with their juxtaposed silliness and OMG-need-a-box-of-tissues-stat godliness. Get ready to light the Internet on fire with some seriously funny firefighter pictures.